Killing monsters & stuff

Why hello there, my little bloggity blog. Did you miss me? Are you wondering what would cause me to forsake you for so long?

It was nothing much, just saving the world from monsters. A lot of my free time has been sucked into the world of Diablo III. I don’t get addicted to video games very often, but the Diablo games always get me!

Meet my characters, HellHunter & SmashZiggy:
Rick’s been playing D3 also, so when we play together I use the Demon Hunter character, and when I’m playing by myself I use my Barbarian character, working on building it up to a high enough level to match Rick’s character since we’re both playing Demon Hunters right now & variety in the party is nice.

If you’re a D3 player and want to try to find me & friend me on Battlenet, my Battletag is HellZiggy#1742.


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