I’m a bad Geek Girl!

Wow, I kinda suck at the updating a blog thing, don’t I? Looking at the archives I totally missed the month of July. Let’s just pretend that I was hanging out with the Doctor and didn’t post during that time because we were off in the TARDIS dealing with wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey things, ok? Ok.

Now then, what’s been up with me? July 5-8 was CONvergence. We love CONvergence, and this year was pretty awesome. The last two years I’d spent a LOT of time volunteering during the con and I came to realize that I just couldn’t. I only get 5 paid days off from work a year, and I don’t get any sick time or paid for any holidays. If I kill myself by not getting to relax at something like CVG then I’m going back to work more tired than if I hadn’t taken the time off. So this year I had no obligations. I went to whatever panels struck my fancy with no worries about scheduling. Hell, I even went back up to the room one day at noon and took a nap! A nap! At CVG! It was glorious.

The rest of July was pretty mellow. We saw movies, hung out with friends, I turned 42, and life went on. Nothing exciting, but nothing tragic. I can deal with that.

Now August has rolled around. Monday saw Rick & I celebrating 18 wonderful years of marriage. We just went out to Chili’s for dinner (What can I say? I love their Chicken Crispers!) and topped off the evening so romantically you’re not going to believe it. Yes, after 18 years we’ve still got it. We went to… brace yourselves… Target! LOL. Yeah, we finished our anniversary night  by going grocery shopping. What? Even old married couples need toilet paper.

It’s had to believe it’s August already. The summer is just flying by. In less than a month I’ll be out in Las Vegas for Photoshop World!

For now though, I’m going to need to sign off. Worknight + wine = sleeeeeeepy Sharon. But I will be back. Soon. New goal: at least one blog post per week. After all, how will all of you readers survive without me? Huh? I’d hate to be responsible for the deaths of all 4 of you!

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