GISHWHES withdrawal

So, I did the insanity that was GISHWHES. I learned a couple things. 1. It’s fun to manage to accomplish the impossible! 2. I should warn Rick ahead of time next year 2a. I should make sure I also have plenty of unscheduled time during the hunt. 3. I need a willing teammate who is local because a lot of it would have been way more fun to plot & execute with someone else who is also slightly crazy!

We weren’t allowed to post our pictures or videos publicly while the hunt was going on, but now that submissions have closed we’ve been given the all clear! Here’s a few of the things I contributed for my team. (Link to full list HERE)

One of the easy low points items I did first was #12, “Creatively edit the Wikipedia entry for Jared Padelecki to seamlessly include your team name and some mention of his abiding admiration of Misha Collins.” This ended up being tougher than expected because Wikipedia IMMEDIATELY locked down the page so it couldn’t be edited. They didn’t lock down the foreign language ones though, so I edited in Spanish.
Item 12Looks pretty darn seamless to me!

Since I work in the photo lab of a camera store it was a no-brainer for me to be the one to do #83, “You holding a picture of you holding a picture of you holding a picture of you holding a picture of you holding a picture of an apple. You must have a gold frame suspended around your head.”
Item 83Points for items ranged from just 5, all the way up to 299, with just six items in the 200-300 range. There was one 350 pointer, but it was 1 point for every 2 Random Act of Kindness pledges your team got, up to 350. I was thrilled that I successfully got my team both the 284 point video as well as the 220 point one!

Item #112, “A mechanical catapult that sends a pumpkin more than 100 feet across an open field. MUST be mechanical.” The thing I loved most about this was that I ended up with multiple catapult options! I love that I can post on Facebook that I need a catapult and get offered more than one.

Item #138, “A woman, in a clean empty room, sitting in lotus position in the middle of at least five live snakes. She must be rubbing oil onto her arms from a silver bowl and clearly be enjoying it. The more snakes the more points. They must be real snakes. If they’re not, points will be deducted from your team. Go for the best photo/video quality.” Thanks to Sarah Richards I was able to go over on the herp society’s intake night and get a video with me and seven snakes!

Another of mine that I was particularly pleased with was #33, “Get your team name and “GISHWHES” on a billboard. Must include commercial-looking graphics, and must be at least 100 square feet on an actual, commercial billboard.” For this, since getting a billboard printed would be expensive and impractical I had the idea of designing a graphic, and then using a projector to project it onto an empty billboard at night. I came up with a movie poster design based on the movie I made up for Jared’s Wikipedia page that looked like this:
WCLM posterAlas, I never found a blank billboard to use, but I came up with Plan B the morning of the last day. The liquor store right next to work, Surdyk’s, has a fancy new big digital sign. I emailed them with the info & got an ok to put it on their sign! Because it was square and a specific number of pixels I had to edit & simplify it, but it still looked pretty cool!
Item 33That’s just some of the crazy stuff contributed by my team.  And now, we wait… Because Misha & team have to go through all the submissions we don’t know exactly when the winners will be announced. Last year it was 4 weeks, but it was also the first year so they weren’t as organized. I have no idea how long it will take this year. Even if we don’t win, it was fun. But man would it be nice to go to Scotland!!!

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