If Star Trek can do it…

If Star Trek can do it, so can I, dammit! This blog is getting a reboot. I will start updating again!

So, are you ready for Christmas? It’s a beautiful 75º as I sit outside typing this, but I have to try to get in the Christmas frame of mind! Christmas photocard templates for my photo machines at work are crazy expensive and don’t allow for much customization. Because of this a couple years ago my coworker and I channeled our Photoshop addictions into designing card templates for our customers and then last year it was just me doing it. It’s fun trying to come up with designs the customers will like, but it’s not exactly something I can put off until November. Did you know that some people actually have their Christmas cards ordered, printed, and ready to mail by Thanksgiving? I know! Crazy! And, of course, new card designs means having to redo the PDF catalog that shows them. I definitely plan to get a head start this year! But it’s soooooo hard to think about Christmas when you’re sitting out on the patio!

Last July our friend Mark asked Rick & I if we would fill in on his trivia team for the tournament finals because most of their members had conflicts. The trivia is a weekly league, but our first time playing was in the finals. Me & Rick got kind of hooked and put together our own team when the next season started. The league is through Sporcle.com and we’ve got a pretty solid team put together. We’re definitely qualified for the finals and if we win the tournament there is actual cash prize money! Our biggest weak spot is sports but we even manage to get some of those questions right. In the last couple weeks I’ve started reading books like Mental Floss, The Book: Only the Greatest Lists in the History of Listory and I Used to Know That: Stuff You Forgot from School when I’ve got a couple minutes to kill. There is a lot of interesting shit out there in the world to learn. It’s also just a lot of fun to have the host ask a question, the whole team gets blank looks, and then all of a sudden I think of something or remember something out of nowhere. It makes my brain feel alive! You can check out the highlight quiz from last week here to get an idea of the huge variety that the questions run.

3 thoughts on “If Star Trek can do it…

  1. Put on some Christmas music to do your card designing. and there’s nothing wrong with going to some of the other design houses to see what they have for some inspiration and to see what’s popular. that should get your creative juices flowing.

    For trivia knowledge, another great resource are all the books from Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers. They’re full of crazy facts and anecdotes and they’re quite fun!

  2. The Christmas music is a good idea!
    Last year I got a couple good Christmas/Winter vector package deals from http://www.inkydeals.com/ that have commercial licensing so I can pull design elements from there to use. The big thing I noticed last year and this year browsing photo card catalogs is that 5×7 is quickly becoming the standard size rather than 4×8, so I’m going to have to talk to my boss about the possibility of doing cards in that size too.

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