To the untrained eye Moose looks like an average less-than-mint condition Beanie Baby.

But under that unassuming exterior beats the heart of an adventurer. The shy flip of his antler hides the fact that he has schmoozed with television stars, writers and magicians.

Like all good heroes, Moose comes from humble beginnings. A convenience store on Interstate 94 to be exact. Sharon had plans to move from the frozen wasteland of Fargo, ND down to the promised land, also known as Minneapolis. There wasn’t much in Fargo that she was going to miss other than some friends. One of those friends was her roomate Becca.

On the fateful day in January, Becca and Sharon were driving to Minneapolis for the weekend. As they stopped at the gas station at the halfway point they were looking around the gift shop as they stretched their legs. One thing they saw were some cute stuffed bean bag animals. The mooses were the cutest of the lot so two matching mooses were purchased.

If Moose was an average ordinary Beanie Baby moose this is where his story would have ended. But the moose that Sharon bought was an adventurous Moose.

Moose used his telepathic powers to convince Sharon that he was lucky. Only a month after moving to Minneapolis, Sharon flew to Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding. Because she only had $100 cash and her plane ticket home Sharon decided that she needed a good luck charm. Moose to the rescue! Since Sharon still had about $5 when she got home Moose was declared a successful good luck charm.

This might have been the end of Moose’s adventures if Sharon had remembered to take him out of her bag after the trip. But she forgot and a few months later was at an all-day concert and found him in the bag. Since Moose had taken it upon himself to sneak into the concert, Sharon took some pictures of him there.

After this Moose began to go with Rick & Sharon when they went somewhere interesting. Sharon also started asking any celebrities she would meet to pose for a picture with Moose. Friends going on vacation to interesting places also started taking Moose with them.

And the rest is history!

Moose’s Facebook is here.

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