The human in charge of this blog is Sharon, and her faithful companion is Moose.

The not-so-secret origins of a geek girl…

I was born in Kingston, NY but moved to Minnesota shortly thereafter. Then I grew up.

I had the silly idea that Fargo, ND would be a good place to go to college. Eight years later I achieved escape velocity & came back to Minneapolis with a husband (Rick), our 2 fuzzy, feline children, a huge alcohol tolerance, but no college degree. Rick & I are both geeks and we actually met in a comic book shop. We’ve got quite a collection of comic books, “real” books, DVDs, CDs and other geeky stuff. We eventually acquired a house to hold all that stuff.

My nickname, Ziggy, came from my maiden name. When we started going online, the handle Ziggy was ALWAYS already taken. Since Rick is a Hellboy fan and always uses Hellbob online it only makes sense that my married name be HellZiggy. I’ve had the online name HellZiggy for over 10 years now & if you Google it, I am the only one! Rick & I have been living here in the HellHouse since 1999 and we currently share it with one HellCat (Lump) and one HellHound (Rex).

In 2009 I finally got a college degree! I have an A.A.S. in Graphic Design and Visual Communications. I love using Photoshop and I am also hopelessly addicted to collecting fonts & photoshop brushes. I volunteer with Operation Photoshop Rescue to help restore photos damaged in disasters so they can be reprinted and returned to their owners.

I’m a fangirl & love watching sci-fi. I love all things BuffyAngel and Firefly. Especially Spike! I love me those hot vampires! In my world, however, vampires DO NOT SPARKLE! Other favorites are FarscapeStar Trek:TNGDoctor Who, and Kevin Smith. I adore Jon Stewart and Patrick Stewart. I like to laugh, love going to the Acme Comedy Company and am a huge fan of the adorable @nerdist Chris Hardwick. I covet my shiny electronics. You want my Mac laptop, my iPod, my iPhone, my Nook e-reader or my DVD collection? You’ll need to pry them out of my cold dead hands! I’m fascinated with the post-apocalyptic world in books, movies & tv. I know far too much about diseases that require bio-hazard Level 4 containment. Science is cool. I also love traveling (but can’t afford to do it much) and taking pictures.

I’ve collected postcards since I was a kid, so if you live somewhere cool or are visiting somewhere cool & feel the urge to send me one drop me a comment and I’ll send you my snail mail address.

My Facebook is here.

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