Ahhh, the 70’s

Check out just how truly awesome this photo I scanned for a customer at work is:

The polka dot drapes color coordinated with the striped wallpaper coordinated with the flowered wallpaper. The 70’s at it’s finest. The picture doesn’t show the plaid carpet.

But the awesome doesn’t stop there. If you’ve been to my in-laws cabin you may be thinking to yourself, “Hey, that wallpaper looks strangely familiar…”

Yup! The cabin’s bathroom wallpaper is the same design, but in pink!

Such a trip to see the infamous wallpaper somewhere else. When I told the customer that the wallpaper still existed “out in the wild” she couldn’t believe it. Luckily I’d taken a picture for Twitter so when she picked up the photos she was having me scan I was able to give her a copy of the photo. She said her family is gonna love it. Also, I asked her if I could put a copy w/the people blurred out here. I’m so glad she said yes because otherwise who would believe that such fabulousness existed!