Monkey Tuesday on Sundays now!

I have no idea how I missed hearing about it for so long but Penn Jillette & Michael Goudeau are doing a regular live show again!

Back in 2006 they were doing a live radio show that I would listen to while working. They’re in Vegas but the radio station put out a live stream online. That hour listening to the two of them was seriously my favorite hour of the day. I could never call in becuase I was working a data entry job & didn’t have a phone on my desk, but they also had an email account they’d monitor during the show. They read emails I sent and responded or commented several times. I was so bummed when they stopped doing the show.

Two years after the show ended I saw Penn comment on a mutual friend’s Facebook so I sent him a message telling him I was the Sharon who used to email his show and asking how he knew her. This is the exchange that followed:

Facebook message









More proof that I’m a little bit off. I think getting a message from Penn Jillette asking me why I didn’t fuck Bob Sagat is awesome!

Anyway, I just learned that Penn & Goudeau are doing a new weekly show called Penn’s Sunday School! Here’s the info:

Join us as Penn Jillette, Michael Goudeau, and YOU discuss the news of the week.
We’ll examine religious news, talk about monkeys, and anything else that seems funny or makes us mad. We’ll also take your suggestions for things you feel like talking about.

In addition, until he gets chucked off, we’ll spend a few minutes talking about Penn’s adventures on CELEBRITY APPRENTICE.

We will be running a live video feed from the Vintage Nudes Studio for people with the time and inclination to watch people sitting and talking. The live show will start at noon Vegas time most Sundays and will be available for download by about 7 PM Sunday evening.

It just started in February and it is weekly, so there are only 9 episodes for me to catch up on. I can’t wait!