Stuff I Love: Nook eReader

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I’ve always been a reader. One of my favorite stories about me as a kid is from my first day of Kindergarten. When I got home my mom asked me how I liked it. I told her it was terrible. When she asked why I said it was because I didn’t learn to read. I’d been told by my parents and my sister that when I went to Kindergarten I’d learn to read and after a whole day I hadn’t learned yet. They started teaching me to read at home that night and I’ve never stopped. My entire life I’d estimate that there haveĀ maybe been 100 nights or so, if that, that I didn’t read for at least a little while before bed.

When eReaders became popular I was skeptical. There’s just something about an actual book after all. Then I got a Nook Wi-Fi. I was sold!

I still buy books I really love and want to own in paper version, as well as books by people I know or am a big fan of. But the ease and convenience and savings of the Nook have me reading more than I have in years. One of the features of the Nook that made me choose it over Amazon’s Kindle was the support for non-DRM epub files and especially the support for the Overdrive library lending system. I live in Hennepin County and we have an amazing public library here. HCL was quick to move with current trend and joined up with Overdrive to offer ebooks for borrowing. They had less than 1000 titles when I got my Nook in November 2010. Now, they have over 30,000! I never run out of books to read, and I can put requests in for the more popular book that are always checked out.

My Nook has the traditional e-ink screen rather than the newer touch e-ink screen or an LCD screen. It really is just like reading ink on paper. No eye-strain, I can read it in the sunlight, and the battery charges last forever.

I’ll never give up on paper books, but I’m also completely addicted to my Nook!