World traveler!

It’s been a while since I’ve hijacked the blog from Sharon, but I have a good excuse. I was getting ready for my latest expedition! Sharon’s friend Becky was going on vacation to China and she said I could come with her!

Me & Becky on the Great Wall of China.

This was more than just a cool vacation for me. This was my 7th continent! Yes, I now declare myself the World’s Most Adventurous Moose!

I’m not sure I even remember all the places I’ve been, but I’ll try to list them.
I’ve been to a ton of places here in America from a Space Shuttle launch down in Florida to a fancy soiree with James Marsters on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. A road trip from Minneapolis to Toronto, and another from Minneapolis to Phoenix. I’ve also lounged on the beaches of Mexico with Jeanine, and cruised the Caribbean with her. Europe was my second continent. I’ve been to Italy with Sandy & Jason, England and Wales with Melissa & Chris, Paris with Mike & Chris and Croatia with Will. Amazingly enough, Antarctica was my third continent. I flew to McMurdo Base with a little help from the USPS, and while Andre was taking care of me we went to both the West Antarctic Ice Shelf and the actual South Pole! A visit to Ecuador on the way to the Galapagos Islands with Melissa made South America continent number four. Then Michelle was going to Australia to visit her fiance, so she brought me with her. I got to travel to Africa with Pete, Paula & Michael when they went to Ethiopia to adopt their son Sid.

After all that I was just waiting for the perfect person to get me to my seventh continent. Becky was an awesome traveling companion and she took great care of me!

I saw the Great Wall of China, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and so much more!

Now I have to start figuring out what kind of an adventure to have next. I’d love to go to the North Pole, since I’ve been to both the South Pole and the Equator. I’d also love to meet President Barak Obama some day. Sharon really wants to go to Iceland, so if she ever does I’ll go with her.